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IOT & M2M (Machine to Machine)
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IOT & M2M (Machine to Machine)

Talking Point is a leader in machine to machine (or M2M) connectivity.

With connections to all the UK’s major networks, we offer a wide range of solutions for systems integrators, developers, resellers and dealers.
As a provider of airtime services, billing, network aggregation, private APN & VPNs, fixed IP, Peer to Peer (P2P) etc, with a complete online management dashboard.
Our software allows system and applications, providers and integrators, the tools to deliver a range of solutions.
In addition we try and provide useful solutions input, advice, or referral to non-competing providers from our client base, to enhance our service proposition.
Typical applications are;
· Monitoring
· Asset & vehicle management
· Telemetry
· Tracking
· Logistics
· Remote working
· Optimisation
· Automation
· Smart metering
· Vending
· Digital signage
· Security
· ATMs

Supply is by both SIM cards and on imbedded SIMs, available for international global roaming.
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